Working from home can seem like a dream come true. Sending emails in your pajamas and managing conference calls from your couch are some of the perks you’ll enjoy day in and day out. So is never having to commute in traffic, make small talk in the elevator, or deal with constant interruptions from a busy workplace.

However, having your home double as your headquarters also has its challenges. Staying focused is one of them. Procrastinating on that big project can seem impossible to overcome when you have a load of laundry to do, a television playing in the background, or craving yet another snack from the kitchen.

If you work from home in Chicago and struggle to stay focused, here are 3 tips to greater productivity:

1. Create a Designated Workspace


Whether you live in a studio, one, or two bedroom home, it’s important to always have a functional, designated workspace. From your kitchen island to a desk in your bedroom, commit that you’re only doing work-related activities in this area while you’re on the clock.

Not only will physical space help put you in the work mindset, but you’ll also benefit physically from a more structured seating arrangement. While the couch or bed may seem like a comfortable spot, it’s hard on your back, shoulders, and neck. Make sure you have the correct support while you’re typing away.

2. Go Sweat!


It may seem counterproductive to leave “the office” when you’re trying to meet important deadlines, but taking time away from the computer will do wonders for your productivity, creativity, and energy levels.

We all need a break, and without your coworkers to grab a coffee with, you may spend the entire day in your apartment without stepping foot outside. This is especially true for startups, contractors, and entrepreneurs in Chicago, who are the only person in their business.

That’s why scheduling a workout in the middle of the day, or in the afternoon, will help you refocus once you return from revving those endorphins. Whether you lift weights in our state-of-the-art fitness center or grab some Vitamin D on the rooftop basketball court, you’ll be amazed to learn just what a workout break can do for your productivity.

3. Change the Scenery


Despite having a designated workspace and going for a workout, sometimes you just can’t stay away from doing household chores despite your best efforts to remain focused. When this feeling occurs, it’s time to switch up your work setting.

But instead of heading to a coffee shop where you risk even more distractions and noise, take the elevator to our amenities space and check out the designed workspaces! Complete with essentials like Mac and PC computers, a printing center and a conference room, you’ll have everything you need to reinvent your workday!

Our suites offer plenty of space and amenities that are perfect for those who work from home, including expansive views of the city and plenty of natural light. To learn more, contact our sales team.

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