As one of the city’s most popular destinations for a night out on the town, Old Town is always THE place to be, regardless of the season. Looking to entertain friends at home during the colder winter months?

From a Game Room featuring a pool table and a chance to win in a friendly game of poker to a private dining room equipped with a chef’s demonstration kitchen, TWO Old Town Park offers everything you could need to entertain your guests, all while complementing your unique hosting style!


Ready to host your next party? Here are 5 tips for stress-free entertaining this season:

1. Type

How many guests would you like to host? What type of entertaining would you like to do? Is there a special milestone you’d love to celebrate? No matter the type of party or gathering, our flexible spaces are ideal for entertaining small or large groups with minimal fuss!

Once you’ve decided on the size and type of party, move on to picking a theme!


2. Theme

Wondering why we suggest choosing a theme? Not only will it help tie your party together, it will also streamline the decision-making around decor, table settings, and the menu! From incorporating your favorite blue serviettes (Pantone color of the year!), to displaying your collection of gold candle holders and vases, we recommend looking for items in your own home for inspiration.


3. Food

Now for the menu! Curate your dishes while using your theme as direction. Should you be serving a sit-down dinner or finger foods? Italian or Mexican cuisine? To keep it simple, you could try a new recipe for one-pot pasta or order appetizers from a local restaurant to impress guests with neighborhood specialties! Tip: If you prep food beforehand, you’ll have more time to socialize with guests as they arrive.

4. Drink

First things first; you can never have too much ice on hand! When it comes to providing your guests with drink options, think classics (wine, beer), non-alcoholic (punch, sparkling water), and, if you’re up for it, a custom cocktail and mocktail! Tie it into your theme, and bring out those stylish drinking glasses you put away after the holidays, or place barware on display with all the fixings.


5. Music

Arguably one of the most important elements for a successful party is the music! Set the tone for your gathering with a crafted playlist. Use End-of-the-Year lists from Spotify or Apple Music or pick tried-and-true classics! Tip: Don’t forget the Bluetooth speaker!

We’d love to hear your easy entertaining tips! Tag @oldtownpark on Instagram or Twitter to let us know!

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